June Johnstone

My inspiration comes from the goldfields area of Victoria, where I now live, and my garden.

The village of Clunes is surrounded by vast open plain, ancient volcanic forms and bushland.

My work is an interpretation of the sound and visual creations of this landscape and the effects of the changing seasons.


I have continued working on hand-formed vessels using paper clay. I have been exploring textural finishes by applying slips, oxides, clays and colour.

Thin paper clay textured with raku and oxide.

Paper clay body textured with clay slips and oxides

Stoneware clay and pigments

Paper clay with pigments


A year working on various stoneware clays and the glazes which connected to the specific clay.

Looking again at the effects of ash glazes particularly on small objects and bowls. Often I was layering the glazes creating different effects.

I continued with sculptural forms exaggerating aspects of the bottle form.

Ironstone clay with mat black glaze

Stoneware oil jars and bowl in flash clay

Spice bowls with ash glaze

Raku clay, black slip and Lung Chun glaze

Coloured sculptured clay and white glaze

Hand formed bud vases using paper clay and white glaze

Hand formed stoneware bottles


Earth Forms

Work for the Fragile and Frivolous exhibition are a series of earth forms that reflect the ancient rock formations and grasslands of the goldfields region.  The textural quality of these paper clay shapes is enhanced by the use of oxides, local ochres and the intertwining of found organic materials.



This year I have been exploring coloured stains in clay body and carving and shaping wheel formed bowls.

Bowl Stoneware clay, Temoku Glaze

Bowl Stoneware clay Temoku Glaze             Bowl Stoneware Clay, Limestone Glaze inside. Outside oxide and local ochre

Bowl Stoneware Clay Limestone Glaze inside bowl. Outside Bowl textured using

Scoops – Stoneware Clay

Handbuilt Scoops - Stoneware Clay


Wheel formed and hand carved bowls with an iron-based celadon glaze

pot2show-2014 pot1show-2014

Wheel formed and hand carved bowls with an iron-based tenmoku glaze




The focus for my current ceramic output is a selection of cups sauces and plates. I use a technique to print on paper clay which I then incorporate into the work. I collage and fragment the images. I use iron oxides as a colourant.

Click on image to see full view

june7 june5

I also made a series using a grogged stoneware and our own celadon glaze (left) and another series using stoneware clay, iron oxides and local ochre; then finished with Lung Chun celadon (right).

june13 june10

Other examples using print techniques

june4 june2

This sculptural piece uses paper clay, printing and oxides. it was awarded “Best Exhibit in the Clunes Agricultural Show, Arts and Crafts Section”


Mortar and Pestles

june8These are all hand-formed and each piece is unique. I let the clay dictate the final shape which reflects the natural environment. I use a selection of raku and stoneware clays with organic materials. They have a very long drying process before firing. I use oxides in the final process.

These are practical objects designed to be used in, and enhance any kitchen.

Soap Holders

I was commissioned to make a series of soap holders. I experimented with different clays and glazes.  Below are examples of two different shapes using clear limestone glaze over white stoneware clay.

june12 june11


I will spend the first half of this making plates and bowls for my new home which I am currently renovating.

I also want to continue my investigation into sculptural forms.